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Young Justice Drawing

While I was drawing the big Justice League mural, the boy started asking me to populate it with some of the kid sidekicks. I figured it would be easier to keep it to actual league members (plus pets and Batman friends), so I put it off by saying we’d do a Young Justice one later. And I guess that bill was due.

Thankfully, he decided he wanted the original team, rather than the bigger Legacy crew (although he reserved the right to request that at a later date), so at least I wasn’t preparing for another couple of months of work. Which is good, because his attention span doesn’t really hold up to long projects (he’s already requested to other drawings while I was doing this one).

As I’m sure many of you have already recognized, the source art for this one comes from a print by comic book artist Christopher Jones (who drew the Young Justice TV series comic book tie-in). So if you like this at all, you should consider buying the real deal from his site:

Me? I’m just a guy trying to make his kid happy from time to time. And by the time that’s done, there’s a chance that every hero in the DC stable will be in his room in one form or another.

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