Daddy Make Me a Superhero

Various attempts to entertain my superhero-obsessed five-year-old son.
Happy Birthday King
So far, Etrigan is the only Kirby creation I’ve done, but I can imagine some more being added eventually. Maybe this’ll be a more robust post next year.

Happy Birthday King

So far, Etrigan is the only Kirby creation I’ve done, but I can imagine some more being added eventually. Maybe this’ll be a more robust post next year.

Gifts from docgold13

You ready for an origin story? I got the idea to make my superhero paper cutouts when Comics Alliance profiled the construction paper cutout work of DocGold13. They were (and are) incredible. Since I had a bunch of construction paper on hand, I thought it’d be a fun thing to try when doing arts and crafts with my kid. My first few attempts were kinda rough, but I like to think I got the hang of it. 

So DocGold13’s work is what inspired me to do what I do here. So when he contacted me recently to ask if I’d be interested in doing an art swap, I had to agree. He’s like my paper cut sensei. Plus, it was an excellent opportunity to get my kid some awesome new art.

As you can see, he’s even into superheroes by companies that don’t own the copyright to the term superhero. I knew he’d like to get a Dash from The Incredibles (it was his Halloween costume last year), so that was the request. After I told my boy about what I was doing, we looked at Doc’s archives and he was thrilled to see a Danny Phantom. Unfortunately, that piece was already gone, but Doc had no issue making another.

The commissions arrived today, and my boy was thrilled. There was even two bonus pieces thrown in from Doc’s collection (Robin and Cheshire from Young Justice). I just hope I hold up my end of the bargain. (I’ll post my effort here after DocGold13 receives it. Don’t want to spoil the reveal).

(Oh, and if you’re not already, you should really give him a follow. That is, as long as you like awesome things on your dashboard).



Questions: should I open and post my cut-outs on a DeviantArt account? Why or why not? What are the benefits/drawbacks? Do any of you have accounts?

The obscurities

One of the most fun things about this art project of making superhero paper cutouts for my son are all the obscure choices he makes. You’d think a young kid would just pick the most famous/marketed stars of the DC world, with some of the less famous getting selected due to prominent placement in cartoons (like the Teen Titans or Young Justice). But not my guy, who is always surprising me with some of his offbeat selections.

(Now, if you’re a comic fan, you may be saying to yourself “Black Lightning and Stargirl, or [insert name here] aren’t obscure”! But keep in mind, my kid is five years old — and was four when most of these were picked — so he doesn’t exactly have the same level of experience with these characters as you do).

And I want to stress that he picked all of these himself. So, yes, a preschooler decided he needed The Creeper and The Demon Etrigan on his bedroom wall (he loves chanting “gone, gone the son of man…”). Honestly, if I was picking, I can’t say I’d have done many of these (maybe Captain Marvel Jr and Black Lightning). Instead, I’d probably be much more systematic with my choices, wanting to fill out rosters of each team or show before moving on to the next.

But these are fun, colourful, interesting characters that have all appealed to my kid at different times in different ways. I think that’s the biggest fun for him of this world: there’s always a new part of it and new characters to discover. So while there are still a few more significant names that I’d like to check off the list, don’t surprised when someone a bit out of left field shows up in your Dashboard. Hope you enjoy.

Archers - Team Arrow

Can’t imagine we’ll ever see a Connor Hawke or a Mia Dearden or an Arrowette on this blog, since I can’t imagine a scenario where my son would ever hear of them. But I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see another version of Oliver or Roy show up at some point. We’ll see.

Kilowog - Green Lantern Corps

My son does like to surprise me with his random selections. I’ll admit, when I saved the source art for this one (by Marcio Takara), I didn’t really expect my son to ever pick it. I just thought it looked good. Obviously, so did he, since he doesn’t have a very deep connection to the character. Kilowog has shown up in a few episodes of Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League, but never in a major way. We quit on Green Lantern: The Animated Series during the first episode because the red lanterns were too scary for him, so that’s not it. He does actually have a Kilowog toy that he found in a used toy bin one time, so maybe that’s it. But probably he just picked the big guy because he thought the picture looked cool that day.